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For small to mid-sized businesses, especially, it is often difficult to determine if your website and online marketing efforts have been effective in bringing in new or potential customers. While online marketing efforts may be seen as being free or inexpensive (social networking isn’t necessarily free – as it involves staff labor), other online expenses such as web design and website and/or blog maintenance, internet advertising, press releases and the like can add up to significant expenditures.

Without proper website diagnostics, it is difficult to determine who has been viewing your website, the pages they have visited, where your visitors are from or indeed, if they have been visiting your website at all.

Geeks On Call licensed technicians are able to analyze your website, the traffic it has received and to determine such things as website visits following the placement of an online press release, whether people are simply clicking through your site or if they’re actually visiting and what pages are attracting more attention than others.

Diagnostics may help to determine what has been working, what might need to change or future online marketing strategies. At Geeks On Call, our experts are always here to help.

To learn more about how Geeks On Call can help your business with website design or online marketing please call us today at 1-800-905-4335 or click here to schedule a service .

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Referral Worthy... I can't thank you enough for your fine work on my computer. It's running smoothly and seems to be faster. You have won over my business & I will try to send folks your way. Patty enjoyed meeting you and...
Gary C.