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There is no end to the number of providers of corporate data and voice solutions especially in the area of Voice over IP or VoIP. There has been an explosion in communication technologies, methods and various transmission techniques. It is obviously no longer “voice services” that are required, but having the capability to transmit an array of multimedia presentations and applications.

The maze of voice and data providers is staggering.  As the sheer number of providers has grown, understanding and comparing their capabilities, support services and actual costs for services delivered can be confusing to say the least. In today’s highly competitive business environment, where budgets are stretched to the limit, it is difficult to determine if your business is over-paying for what is being delivered. Naturally, every provider feels that their fees, services and solutions are the best.

Geeks On Call offers a unique service, where our experts will shop your voice and data needs to 40 providers to determine the best possible solution. As we are a “neutral” party, where our only interest is in you as our client, we can offer an excellent assessment that is geared to save your business money.

To learn more about how Geeks On Call can help your business with voice and data please call us today at 1-800-905-4335 or click here to schedule a service .

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